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you probably had one thing online. but today, everything's online. in a few years, the number of devices in your home will double and what we are doing online takes internet speed, not every network can handle it, verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it. and now there's revolutionary fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as anything this country has ever seen. to get your family up to speed with fios quantum -- call the verizon center for customers with disabilities go to at 800.974.6006 tty/v. investigaainggcity hall.
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hall. 3&when i readdit i see the fact that no laws were broken. i think it's a clear aause of process. the serious questions about spenning in the mayor's office a second look at speed cameras. cameras.(5:44:24) "half of the time they're broke...." broke...."hoo baltimore will be putting them under new cooler temperaturess his weekend. the day that rain might arrive in- in mm skywatch forecast. forecast.and a new twist on an amazing discovery. discovery. 5501 i think if you wouldnnt believe it would have masterpeice that showed up in 3& hello, i'm karen hello, - i'm karen parks. jeff barnd is off tooight. ii's aastory you saw first on fox reggrding puestionable phone puuchases
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made by the mayor's office ii bbatimore city. since innestigating. as crimeeann pertain rules were broken.... even if the law wasn't. ((pkg)) it is a blistering report that centers around the purchase of more than a half mmllion dollars of phonessand computers by the rawlings blake administration. in it.... the inspector generaa workers within the ayor's ttchnology... intentionally withheld key information from gooernment.... including council presidenntjaak young. stann-upthe details contained within thii almost 3 hundred page repprt show exactly how far certain members of the members of he show exactlyyan - how far hundred page report withhn this almostt3 hundred page report show exactly how far certain members of the keep these purccases quiet.on page 16.....he councill president is ttld a blantant lie after he project... whatt he's tolddis no such projeet mayyr's office of information tecchology writessto thh deputy ttat four phones are be in a matter months...done with responded to some of these
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findings this morning... p:20:30 when i read it i see the fact thattno laws were just abouttwas purchased is being used today. :40 evenso, the found the &pinformation technollgy office miised "siggificant opportunities" the report alss s conflicts of among privateecontractors. the i-g ffund that certain workers involved in the purchase of & 3 neww at lepola fox 4 news at ten.oy llppla fox 45 3
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since the investigation began several key staff members of the mayor's office of information techhology have left the office. thattbrings us to ouu quustiin mayor's offiie is spending - taxpayers money wisely? 3 let us knnw what you think about this report and iffthe running an open and ethical
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government. search fox baltimooe on facebook and look for our questton of the day. pts our dutyy o hold our government can help -- by joining the fox45 waste watch...if you see hotline -- can also go to fox-baltimore dot com -- and click on waste watch. 3 three people are hurt tonight after a rapid string of shhotings across south baltiior. baltimorr.police were called to three crime scenes within several blocks of each other about 6;30. two victims were hit along carrool street and anooher on nanticoke street. ne of he victims reportedll ran to west crrss street and washington boolevard. none of the injuries is believed tt be life ttreatening. tww women areedead... killed in seperate shootings in the city. itthappened searchhis on for tte suspects. keith daniels, live in cherry hill wheee policeefound one of the victims.. keith. keithh karen..... we're live on eedbird avenue
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near seamon avenue...... police say the victim here.. was shot byya rider she picked uu in the neighborhood.. ......she's one of two women killed.. within hours of eacc o. other..- in cherry hill, police finddan avenue... shot at east onne in tte upper bodd. there's no sign of detectives on the block now,,the sceneeiss cllar... but police are investiggting. petectives say the unidenttfied woman may have worked for a sedan company. before sheedied, she told police someone she picked up.. shotther. but investigators don'' believe, this was a random attack. (ááánats up full: "i'm not ssocked by it....ááá) ........disgusted reaction.. when word spreads in herry hill about the woman shot there.. and the other woman &pshot in southwest baltimore. two women, ssot and kiiled in seperate incidents last night within hours of ach pther.(ms. howard) "and it's a shame that i'm noo shocked.
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want to be shocked and want to be appauued by tte whole thing..." the victim in southwest baltimore.. a 19- &pyear-old woman shot in the heed. policeesay she was sitting in the passengerr seat of a parkkd car on south auggsta avenue near frederick avenue.. when someone in a gray, two-door honda wwth tinted winddws.. pulled up to her car.. and opened fiie.. killing her. invessigators say ttey don't know if she waa targettd.. or the victim of rrndom violeece. women a rare occasion.. still, in cherry hill.... for onn woman.. it's no ssrprise. ((s. howard) "because i'm hearing too many women being involled with randomm shhotings, wheeter hey're victims r whether they're involved themselves. and it's name of the 19-year--ld the -- friends say her name is nana the other victim, remains
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unidentified tonight. live in cherry hill, keith dannels, fox 45 neww at ten. fire at an occan city hotel.- video shows fireffghters on the scene around 10-30 this morning at the bellevue hotel on th and oceaa.they were called afterr smoke wassseen billowinggfrom the windows.the bellevveeis closse becauue of structural problems. officials say a demmlition crew waa at the site when the fire began. no one was injured. a ssvern couple has been son drank methadone andd stopped breathiig. breathing.police were called tt the home earlier this mmnth whhn the boy drank a bbttle of pink liquid and became unconscious.turnn out it wws to the hospital and revived.n police also found drugs and weaponssin theehouse.tth boy's parents, paul and kimberly charges including reckless endangerment. anne arundel county police
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say a woman tried to kill her essranged husband by hitting him wwth a pickup truck.patina atteepped second-degree murder. police say she ran over her husband during an argument wednesday night, pinning him behhid the truck and nother car. he was flown to shhck trauma with life-threatening innuries. baatimooe's photo eeforcement prograa proven to be a cash ccw..... p but aae those cameras abell shoos us, we may soon learn the truth behhnd photo en. enforcement. for almost nine snnpping speeders and red for nine yeers, many viilators have been questioning their worth. (5:49:24) "half of the time they're broke...." (march fill pkg) "i knew it was wrong...... some motoristsshave uncovered mistakes....where cammras have been wrongly caaibraaed....and tiikets have been wrongly issued. (march file pkg) "i hope othee people &pwho get citations look at tte closely...." (5:54:34)(mayor) "we need to be ssre we're using our speed camera proggam to get the best
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results we can to promote ppblic ssfety." thiss wwek, thh mayyr convened an 8-member task force o studd the city's cameras. it'll be chaired by the deputy director of the citys transportation departmeen. (5:43:53) (kendrick) "its a good opportunity tt pause, make ssre all the business procedures are right. make ssre all the calibrations arr rrght. all the cameras are properly positioned." (5554:30) (abell) "the city hires an ouuside company the current company ii about a - to expire and what the task porcc learnes could determine next." right now, the s - city the rate of errors withh thess cameras ii less han one-percent. but city leaders hope a review will make the cameras more effiiient....and make motorisss mooe comfortable. (5:46:44) "as long as peopl;e are oing 377miles per hour or greater in a 25-mile per hourrschool zone we're not going to apologizeefor the prograa. we hope for the day phen we can take hese cameras out of theee ppaces but we're &pnot there yet."45, news at te. half of those serving on on the half of thoss &p half of those serving on the by the city. their next year.expected in early - 33
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adam jones has for the o's.. the off field actions that earned himmthis key to the city. a decades old art theft that ends with woman &pfindiig a missing masterpiece whyythe baltimore museum of rennir returned. aadrive through krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. movie theater is dealt a major blow in court when a judge rules that their neighbors can leave the lights on all night. &pnight. tonnght rom thh last drive-in
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in maryland with the latest on the legal attle between the theater and royal ffrms. farms. weeaae live at bengies. the last of itsskind in md. foo years bengies says the lights from the royal farms had desttacted from the from the claasic farms had --3 destracted the lights from the royal foo years beenies ssys the last of its ind in md. we are live at bengies. e are live at bengies. the last of its kind in md. for years pengies says the last of itt kind in md. we are live at bengies. the last of its kind farms ad destracted frommthe - classic experience. a jury agreed in june but already that's been overturnnd. vo bengies still believes it is - hurting his business by destracting moviegoers. in june owner ed vogellwas awarded 800 thousand dollars. which he was going to use to thousand dollars. which was awarded 800 in june owner ed vogel destracting moviegoers. is huuting his businees by of bengges still belleves it their lights but the wnnr of hurting his business by destracting moviegoers. in june owner ed vogel was awarded 800 thousand dollars. which he was gging to use to install a digitallprojector and seeond screen. but of course royaa farms appeeled. jury's decision saying there wasn'ttenough evideece royal farms lights were urting bengiess 3 "obviousll, you can see 3 he ravens won a 3
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the ravenn won a hard fouggt &pbbttle with the browns in tte rain lass night... night..."...too far, ravens wwn" win"the game caae down to the overthrew everybody in the end
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zone giving the ravens a 23-16 win...the purple and blaak are games...after the first 4 poeetook a break from his hang out with emory. he's looking up o the ravens and alreadyy reaming f theepost season. show us our purple can upload photossand videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- cco.and you can see those photos on our at foxbaltimore dot com.or yoo - pacebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on 3 the city bleeds purple aad orange and tonight we ave number 10 the key to thh city. pity.. dam jjnes was key to the city. the mayor officially citeddadam's the reason behind the award. but oriolls fans know that 32 home runs, 81 rbi's and a orioles are ocked in actionnn'
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against boston right noww we'll have highlights in 30 a mystery remains over a famous piece of art stolen from the baltimore muusum of arttmore than 60-years ago! myranda stephensshas more on where the painting is now... involved! 3 5059 ittbegins with the great collector, saidie a may 03they say there's a story behind every work of art... but few are far as fascinnting... ass the one behind this. 5501 i think if you read this in a novel you wouldn't believe t would have happenedd 05the story is centeree around this 18-79 painting - y famous french impressionist - renoor. says she bought the painting - at a west virginia flea market.... for a mere seven dollars! she eventually took the painting to an auctiin house in alexandria... which psheduled to auution it off on saturday! 5242 it's everyone's fantasy (laughs) 44that is.. unntl a washington post little digging. as it turns
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out... he traced the art back to the baltimoor useum of art....where it was on loan by prt collector saidie a-may months after may's death in 1951 - someone apparently stoll it!5410 so we chhcked futher and oundda ard, the famous orange card now, and ii pad that information about the theft 18after learning about the ppinting's history... the auction house immediateel canceled omorrow's auction. the f-b-i is now determine who is in fact... its rightful owner. 5518 our main goal is the truth. 20 butt bitts!!5528 &pof couuse we'd be delighhed want to make sure it wiids u innthe hands of whomever is accually the owner of it 38in north altimore, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. the painting likely would'vv specialists say it'' valued between 75 to 100-thousand 33 is there more raan innour future or will we start with a sunny saturday? saturday? letts go to
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meteorologgst emilyygracey for now.ok at what's happeeing noww- 3- camera's and warning signs deo -
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couldn't stop this dognapper from stealing an expensiive puppy.. howw he managed to sneak hh dog past store employees. getting paid to imprrvv ur schools. her classrrom ttaching ideas. that's coming up n our cover storr. 3 a carree inn ttaccing iss't known ffr being
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one that will earn you a lot of money. martin savidge
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elementary school is improving eeucation across the ccuntry &panddmakinn hundreds of thousands of dollaas. dollars. (nats) i'm at the central in macon, georgia.."is it kay to come in?? and whhn i step into the classsroom of deanna jump i quickly realize two things. she loves to teacha&. i mean he's got her 1st graders singing about spider anattmya (nats: "one more teaccerra& she's really gooo &pat it. (nats: "you didn't even need mee,great job.") yet, for most of her 11-years pn the classrrom she and her husband, also a teaaher, ssruggleddfinancially. "like probably 90 percenn of the ttachers in america i was juggling billsslike, okay, i this week ann i've got seven off the water." but shh loved her joba and kept coming up wiih fun and creative ways to teach, like using apples and worrs. "it'' just a pictorial scarecrows for mmtha& and &psomething called chit chattfo reading comprehension. "and phen i say chit chat and thh kiis say, okay!" her llttle ideas mmghh nnver have left
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her classroom were it not for a chance conversation with nother teacher. and she said youu stufffis so ggod, teachers pay teachers. i said, i on't even know what teacher pays teacher isa""teachers pay teachers is a website that allows teachers o sell their ideas to one anotherr& i spokkevia skkpe o t-p-t's founder a former teacher, now living in france. "we operate like ebay or xe where sort oo teachers, now over none- ppint-one milliin of them, can buy sell and share their resources with each othera& " in most cases, the units costt from five to eight ddllars a popa which hardly eees like a get richhquick foomulaa& dollaasa" but one teacher 0 told another, then another and the farm orrwhere's my ummy?, she has sold over 161-thhusand publisheddaccounts have said
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you have made in xcess of a million dollars." "yes (laughs)."""that's not what we think of with teachers. no." nooone's been more hocked than jump's husband ed a college professor of finance and marketing no llss. preporter): "what is it like grade teacher ssowing yyu up t - in the house?" "you know, i don't know (laughs) that's great you know cause never in our dreams did we ever think of making that kinddof money." jumppsays the money asn't to school every day in her kii - a& but she no longer worries about bills. and everyday she beyond central ggorgia. ""pain, which was like wow! africa,,i got an emmil from a lady in africa who was using my stuff, canadaa&." she's to comeeand saas other still teachers could easily doowhht she's done and hopes they do.
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pnd, i gotta say, given all thattteachers have done for me &ppnd my kids, i kind of like much s investment bbnkers. - georgia.. ----end----- macon, - cnn.script----- --keyyord tags-- georgia first graae school ideas millionaire rich if you're interested in getting ideas from the teachers pay teaccers site....we've posted the link to our website. just gooto fox baltiiore ot com slash news. "thats just downright disrespecttfor thh dead nd the peoples family thht losttso" thieves ssealing from the dead. whaa was taken...and what loved ones are now oing for theirrfamily members wwo are no llnger heree a man steals an expensive dog ann its all caught on camera. where he hid the dog....and how he managgd to get it ppst store employees.. 3 3
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3&five people are dead afterra workplace shooting ii minnesooa. you can see police on the scene at a signage &comp where a man opened fire.... killing four ppople efore turning the gun on himself.a woman who lives nearrthe business, said one worker took shelterrin her house. , ""e came running up thee iid of the garagg toothe front and assed my husband if he could use the phone and said he wws
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running from the shooter." "he had watched his bosssget shot and is best friend and two other people." police won't identifyythh shooter but witnesses say he's a former employee who was aid off. new information released today aaout the man accused in the aurora movie theater massacre. officials say james holmes was banned from the university of colorado for allegedly threatening a ppofessor. after tte shooting the university said holmes had een denied access to non-public parts because he had withdrawn from the school. the defense argues that those allegations are falss....and that holmes is mentally iil. but prosecutors suggest holmes was angry about his ffiling academic career. holmes faces 152 charges related to the shooting that 588others. eople and injured a ttp into one oo the &ppations most ffmous cold case led police to dig up a privvwayyin detroii. ájimmy hoffaá ...the
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union officials disappeared in 19-75. hh's presumed dead...but hii body has never been found. but last month a tipster told police he'ddseenn someone buried near the home. samples which will be analyzed to see if eviience oo human remains are ffund. "i don't think it's mr. hoffa- it'd be great if it was because i'd love to bring hunddeds of thoussnds of &pteamsters that idolize this michigan. just to southeastern officials are also a bit skeptical because they ssy the mob woull have nnver taken hoffa's body to this residential nnighborhood whhre parts were found in today'ss search. a man snatches an expensive puppy from a pennsylvania pet store....and its all caught on camera. 8 videe ameras...even a big warning sign didn't sttp a man pnd his female accooplice from ssealing a 959-dollar maltese porkie. the store manager says
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the woman distracted her...while the mmn was seen playing with a playpee full of puppies. he then takes one of the puppies out and stuffs it under his sweatshirt. 3"went down like that and hadd it downnhere stuffeddit under his sweatshirt and just walked " out."the manager says its not the first time a puppy has been stolen. they just want to make sure the dog is ok. two men are charged with county. as kathleen cairns &preportss the arrests have prromted lovvd onee to ake &punscheduled visits the cemetery to see what was stolen. there are five thousand peoplee buried at resthaven memorial gardens. but today, visitors arr nnt coming just &pbringing back alot of sadness" some are checking to see 3 if grave robbers targettd their relatives. (jaak close)"thhts just downright diireepect foo the dead and
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the peoples family ttat lost somebodd" jack and his wife parents gravv. (two shot far)"yye there still here..." more then aadozen of their relatives arr laid to rest theyre all here.... well i - ponder if they got em over on bettys side." it'ss spot. "nats -ya set em in like - phat put your flooers in"more then 90 of theee bronze vases have eee stolen from the dead. (grace close)"this is just teerible that they would do this to the living suspects were caught trying to sell the vases for scrap metal. ccose on guy)"thats shot grace close)"not good not good at all"(closeeman))i just losttmy brother three weeks ago toocancer and orsomebody to do something like that.. if very very upsett(two shot be
10:34 pm
far)"attleass they didnt get thhse"----add on for 10 pm- to determinn how missing" (richard cody-cemetery president)"this s wwere one f the brrnzz ases would be" bronze is 95 perccnt copper... a vallable percent copper... bronze is 95 commodity. replacements &pvaaes are oo order, but not bronne: (richhrr cody-cemetarr president)"most likely these of vase that wiil noo enrichh somebody financially tt steal"" mourners just hope on juugment day, the suspects get.. whats due.. (grace)"im so glld they have learned a lesson"in fred co kc fox 45 news t 10 &p police have charged 22 year old chris achter and 34 year tteft, destruction of property and destroying a funerary object.
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pell phone video captures scary mooents aboard a united after the plane took off from chicago tuesday. iq: ouch.... oq: i cant brrathe,,i cant breathe." breatte." witnesses say the man began pacinn the 3 aisles, demanding alcohol and threateninggto kill passengers. an f---i spokeswwman says passengerr helpee flight crew restrain screaming in the bbckground. phe man was identified as 26- charged withhinterfering with ffight crew memberssand attendants. and take a look at this... keeppyourreye on he toyota land cruiser... lightning strikes it ... right on a busy interstate, during a happened in russia... and as posted on youtube on september was taken from a police dash word on if the driver was injjred...of if they even knew it happened. 3 3
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your beer says a &p 3 3 3 3 3 knew it happened. 3 3 3 3 your beee says a lot about you. how your
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favoritt drink can tell people whooyou are voting forr &p some guy's basement. but ttese guys havv a different and why they're being punished or their actionn. pupporters offthe krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need...
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on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. maryland dream act ill be
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launching a new campaign leading up to election day. &pday.the group plans to gather tomorrow morninggat the baltiiore freedom academy library nd canvvss surrounding neighborhoods. they're hoping to gain support from voters wh will be deciding in november whethhe to approve the law....the measure, whichhgivee in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, was passed earlier this year but opponents lead a pptition drive to put the issue on the ballot. ww recently did a town hall can watch the whole thing at u
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fox baltimore dot com. click our next ttwn hall will focus on the same see marriage reffrendum. its set for thursddy october 25th. and yoo can waach it live by going to fox baltimore-dot-com aad clicking on town hall in our hotttopics ection. you past town hall meetingsson ach - taxes and theemaryland dream act. meanwhile, carroll county is planning a publlc heering on whether to make english its &pofficial language..ommissione haven shoemaaer introduced the &pthe plan.. official acttons o the county wwuld be written and presented in english only. shoemaker says it will save the county in the future when it comes to printing costs. frederick and queen anne'ss counties have already adopted 3 as vote 2012 approaches the romney.. tte latest fox news poll shows that 48 percent of likell voters back president
10:44 pm
obama and vice president biden. while 43 percent of ikelyy voters favor ooney and ryan. p3 head to fox baltimore dot com and clickkoo vote 2012 under hht topics. they're you'lll find complete coverage of both pampaigns so you can make an inffrmed decision this when it comes o politics... yyur ábeer chooceá might actually playya role in how you vote. vote.according to a new study ppblished in "the natiooal journal"... if you ddink sam adams... you're most likely a republican. heineken drinkers....on the other democrats. bud light fans party... and the same for those who drink miller high life. dos equis drinkerr are &plikely nonpartisan. it's probably the only kind of pizza you havv to be over 211 to salvatore's in soaaed in alcohol.their pings - vignola cherry pizza comes topped with fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, prosciutto, hhney and cherries soaked in
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raspbeery vodda. seven minutes in the ooen isn't enough time to buun off the alcohol... so thhy card ccstomers who order it jjst to be safe. 3&too much wouud be llke 2 o 3 pizzas worth. so i think you'd be ppetty ull before you got a buzz. buzz.the pizza place says the popular, two more versions will be launched next monthh.. one with kahlua-marinated pork and another with rum-infussd peaches. &p for the first time, health care program. cost - - 3 this afternoon, tate and local officiils announced the start of thh evergreen health cooperative..... its statewide health program will &pbe modeled after the healthy howard prooram now underway in &poperate like aay other - insuranceecompany and will target those whose salaries are too high to for medicaii...but too low to afffrd private insurrncee "todayywe celebrate innovation that will bring doon costs in health care and &pincrease qualiiy offcare.
10:46 pm
thats what we're celebratiig to" today."the company will egin serving members when heellh care is fully implementee in januarr 20-14. pelentless attacks from angry finaaly getting tonight's worr on the web, parrie peirce shows us the new ggme from the angry birds 3pcreators. 3 thhee years after launching birds", rovio entertainment is launching a new one. and, it's played fom the the spinoff sequel callee bad piggies ncludes more than sixty levels of what creators call "pig-crashhig, stallow says: i think being povie there's always a lot of presssre on us to come up wiih fantastic games. we think this is a really exciting one. well. the object is to move e 3 your green pig to theefinish pine.....cllecting oals aaong the way. to do so, you have to
10:47 pm
build a contrrptionn... a piggie car so tt speak.... and move it along with various tools.... like fans, springs and boxes of dynamite. but the piggies have some big phoes toofill... angry birds earnee sixty million dollars and was the most downloaded smart phone app in two thousand eleeen. stalbow says:we're hitting multiple platforms and just like normal rovio titles we treat the game liie s a service aad not a product so there will be lots offexciting updates coming. baa piggies is available for i- phone, android and mac. you get 60 levels for between 99 - pepending if you want thh d carrie peirce aad thats yoor word on he web. withhevery win, the orioles get closer to a playoff berth...see if the birds cracked under the preesure of the postseason... next ii sports unlimited... a a tv and an xbox. - why twoomen are now behind crash pad. e of their personal -
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one year after the curse of the andino....the
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tables ave turred..obert andino ended the red sox needee one win to make the post season.didn't happen... contentiin...trying nt to yyff- slip up in tte final 6 games.'s in town... bases loaded for ryan 1 o's...-3 &ppiist career grand slam...o's score 18 straight ruus off
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home runs...they pound the rrd sox as chris tillman earns his &p9th win...9-1 final...o'sspic up their 90tt win... 3 he made the field last night against cleveland as a decoy....that's tte life of a backup.odds are slim to ever see the field.but they're only one plly away from being a starter.bruce unningham catches up wwth raven quarterback tyrod tonight's coors light silver sp. spotlight. our higg school game f the week...coming up
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breakiig news in west p fire broke ut ithin the past hour in aa apartment building along ennsylvania
10:54 pm
when weearrived crews were just bringing it under of injuriee.. two friends create an of a shoe they're &pcamping out behind bars. shau chaiyabhat (chai-bot) gives us a look inside heir bachelors pad and the reassn behind their actions. 3 at night this uninviting roof two friends with aawild idea tuuned it into their personal crash pad. three-room tent patio furniture and cords chargers."we had planned on getting a lot more too. like, weehad planned on bringing a tv and an xbox and putting it under a gazzbo nd getting fake grass, doing a putt-putt course.""yyu want a neighboohood on he roof?" "almost."travis ross waa the masterminn behind three weeks of roof top parties that landed him and his friend lucas vaughn in jail."it was call everybody and meet up at night and just everybody come
10:55 pm
hang out."they kept their "house" guests to intimate parties of 6-8.but getting time we called somebody and y invitee them to it, it blew their mind. they'd be likee we &phave to climb a ladder and go all iinocent fun they were &puninvited tenants abovv the shoe carnival and stealing power."i knew it was trespassing.""ittwas just a crazy dea that e had, that we followed through with and didn't mman no harm out of it, we just wanted a spot to hangg out and have fun with everybody." "do you regret it now?" "i do now. now that i got 6 months out of it, eah, i regret that." it ay be pee wee football bbt one team takes the game very seriously. the pop warner cobras in california are at the center of a bounty investigation.... &pboys.aaformer asssstant coach is speaking out.... clliming other coaches offfred the boos 20-dollar cash bounties for
10:56 pm
big hits on opposing playees. so far, six parents and players have confirmed the allegations... buttthe head coach enies everything. a dui traight out of the wild west. how a drunken man on a horse evaded officers for hours. ...ann cominn up in just 5 edition... a reelly bad .- day for a restaurant worker. why she was robbed and then nd somettiig new from apppe and its not an i-ppone.why the computer gianttissapologizing to its customers. a bizarre police ccase in florida as a drunk
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
man rides his horse thru town for five hours. here he is on the left side of the screen... in a full gallop........ rounding the chhrles cowart and his horse, blow through a stop sign and peep goingg.. police say people would ive him stuff along the way. for instance, gaveehim arbuus. "it was a large crowd of follow him arouud and he'd with the horse s well as in &pand out in front of cars so h starteddto ddvelop quite a crowd and quite a stir in town." 3

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